LICENSED moneylender company

PADAT ENTERPRISE Sdn Bhd is a LICENSED moneylender company with license no. KEW 100-24/2/418- 0430 approved by the ministry of Housing & Local Government under the money lenders Act 1951 If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we are always ready to help you You are advised to contact us online or by telephone and our financial advisors are ready to provide you a solution for your problem.

Our specialist is to identify your current financial problems and provide you the right solutions. Our financial advisor not only providing you the financial solution but also will provide a consultation on your current situation.

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Fast Approval

All your information are confidential

Efficient services to individuals

Flexi Repayment Scheme

Available in KL dan Selangor

Non Guarantor & Collateral

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We can offer your a Flexi Repayment Scheme Personal Loan. Contact Us